About Us
TRIBU offers to its clients and visitors a conceptual shop of craft products developed in the different regions of Guatemala, such as scarves, cushions, table runners, a great variety of bags and more.

In TRIBU, we seek to make positive change and a great impact. We bring together local artisans, designers and artists, all sharing the same objective of forming a collective and offering innovative and exclusive craft designs. TRIBU is a conceptual shop that wants to create an oasis of original products and empower local creativity.

The name TRIBU refers to "where we are heading, where we belong". It is a universal name, a concept that exists in other cultures and that comes with the same objective. In the centre of the shop you will find a tree of life as a representation of the origin of all cultures.

The store design seeks to enhance the beauty of space with furniture dating back 500 years, as well as with beautiful, exclusive collections with unique designs. TRIBU is surely a high level craft shop that you will not resist visiting more than once!

In TRIBU, we offer designed products created by local communities of weavers, Mayan men and women who work in a collective effort and solidarity for the production of the most original textiles of the country.

The Association responsible for such magnificent textiles consists of twenty-six member groups for a total of eight hundred people, all descendants of the four groups Maya: Quiché, Cakchiquel, Tzutujil and Kekchí. Although their headquarters are located in Chimaltenango, weavers from Sololá, Quetzaltenango, Totonicapán, Alta Verapaz and Chimaltenango meet to design and create products while they receive training to improve their production methods.

The majority of the weavers are women, who work with backstrap loom and pedal loom. They create various personal items, linens and a range of crafts, all produced with a unique stamp, typical of the region and of every hand that worked it.

Where we are heading, where we belong.
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