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The craft workers groups that are part of the AJ QUEN project are themselves testimony that is possible to efficiently organize productive relationships based on equity and human solidarity values.

AJ QUEN is formed by 27 women weaver groups descendants from the Mayan groups: Cakchiquel, Quiché, Kekchí and Tzutujil in the departments of Chimaltenango, Sololá, Alta Verapaz and Totonicapán.

They produce high quality products, 100% cotton, second the ancient traditions of waist loop and pedal loom.

The AJ QUEN groups are:

•    Cmdec Group, Comalapa, Chimaltenango.
•    Rii Tzam Group, Alta Verapaz.
•    Asodemi Group, Alta Verapaz.
•    Tzaput Group, Sololá.
•    Amanecer Group, Sololá.
•    El Progreso Group, Sololá.
•    Atitlán Group.

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