Weaving Culture


Canvases that unite the mayan culture
Canvases that unite the Mayan Culture

We are one of the oldest and largest handmade weaving associations of Guatemala, which combines Mayan men and women, who work in a collective and supportive effort for the handmade textile production of the most original and folkloric looms in the country.

Aj Quen, who’s cakchiquel name means “The weaver”, is formed by 27 associated groups that form a total of 800 people; who are all descendants from the four Mayan groups: Quiché, Cakchiquel, Tzutujil and Kekchí.

Although their headquarters are in Chimaltenango, weavers who were born in Sololá, Quetzaltenango, Totonicapán, Alta Verapaz and Chimaltenango get together for the creation of handmade canvases, and at the same time they receive training to improve their production, so that they may ensure their integrated development.

Most of the crafts workers are women, who work with waist and pedal looms. They create different personal articles, like tablecloths and a series of crafts; which are all produced with a unique and crafted seal, which belongs to the region and to the hands that work it.

AJ QUEN was founded in February of 1989 because of the initiative of different organized craftswomen and craftsmen whom, motivated by the craft culture, the search for better markets and the preservation of their identity, decided to unite to create pieces that seal the color of diversity.

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